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Easily Capture Leads from Events and Conferences: The HubSpot Popl Integration

Posted by Ali Schwanke on June 24, 2024
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Networking and lead gen at events can be a real headache for sales and marketing teams. Traditional business cards have been the norm forever, but gathering and organizing contact info often turns into a messy, time-consuming task. Manually entering contacts into CRM systems is slow and error-prone, which means important data can get lost or mixed up. 

This delay in data entry leads to missed follow-up opportunities and weakens your lead nurturing efforts.

To stay ahead, you need a solution that captures leads quickly and accurately while seamlessly integrating with your CRM (like HubSpot of course!).

Making New In-Person Connections that Go Right Into Your CRM 

This is where HubSpot’s integration with Popl comes into play. Popl is a leading digital business card platform, and the combo with HubSpot provides a seamless transition from physical encounters to digital engagement.

 When integrated with HubSpot, Popl transforms how businesses handle in-person interactions. By making the leap to digital business cards, companies can not only save time but also enhance the quality of their connections. Ready to take your event networking efficiency up a notch? Let’s dive in.

What is Popl?

Popl isn't just a digital business card; it's a tool designed to streamline the way professionals connect and follow up. By using a simple mobile interface and QR technology, Popl allows users to share their contact information effortlessly.

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This technology not only eliminates the need for physical cards but also ensures that the contact information is directly saved into a user’s phone and can be integrated with HubSpot, thus automating the data capture and follow-up processes.

A table graphic comparing traditional business cards vs the Popl digital business card
Why use Popl digital business cards with HubSpot?

This integration works with all HubSpot plans and helps take the hassle of out lead gen and networking at events.

1. Easily capture leads

  • Easy as a QR scan: with Popl, the exchange of contact details is as simple as a QR scan, immediately transferring data into HubSpot.
  • No more lost contacts: lose the risk of misplacing business cards and missing out on potential leads. Every scan ensures details are captured.

2. Follow up automatically

3. Easy to set up and use

  • Easy integration: setting up the Popl-HubSpot integration is straightforward. Users can configure their digital cards to sync with their HubSpot account, ensuring all data captured through Popl is automatically updated in HubSpot.
  • Customize your card: tailor your digital business card to reflect your brand, choose what information you share, and how you present it to make a memorable first impression.

Just how easy is it? Let’s get you set up right now.

Step-by-step guide to using Popl with HubSpot

Setting up your Popl account

  • Create a digital business card: Customize your card with options like adding a profile picture, company logo, and other relevant contact details.
  • Configure integration settings: Link your Popl account with your HubSpot CRM to ensure seamless data flow.

Using Popl at your next event

  • Quick sharing: Use your Popl at networking events to share contact details via QR codes.
  • Real-time sync: Watch as new contacts are instantly added to HubSpot, with all the key info stored and ready for follow-up actions.

Looking for more ways to optimize your HubSpot and drive better results on your sales team? Check out some of our top HubSpot Hacks for salespeople.

Use Digital Business Cards + HubSpot as Part of Your Bigger Event Strategy

If you’re just getting started with digital business cards, we’d recommend hiring an expert to help not only setup the platform but also integrate properly with the right pre and post communication to make the most of these new connections.  

After all, the biggest 2 threats for most events is not that they don’t get leads, its this:

  1. They don’t follow up quickly
  2. They don’t get information relevant to them that’s specific to the event or interaction

As you can tell, that’s more of a strategic challenge, but one that can be paired with the right lead gen capture strategy at the event, plus the digital business cards + HubSpot nurturing process.

Whether you want a hand maximizing this Popl-HubSpot integration for your next event, conference, or trade show, or you just need a little extra help optimizing HubSpot for your organization, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of the platform.

Schedule a consultation with Simple Strat today.

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