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Hublead: A Simple LinkedIn HubSpot Integration Process for SMBs

Posted by Ali Schwanke on June 24, 2024
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As AI-generated content saturates traditional channels, cold outreach is getting more challenging, and search marketing is losing its impact. Consumer trust has hit a decade-low, making individuals more influential than companies in purchase decisions.

Business development success is shifting to be less about cold outreach, and more about your sales team’s ability to build relationships over time. This shift makes LinkedIn a crucial platform for business development, offering valuable opportunities for authentic sales conversations.

It also means that it’s more important than ever for sales staff to keep track of who they’ve talked to and what they’ve talked about, and to engage or re-engage contacts as needed — regardless of the platform it happened on.

That's where Hublead comes in, enabling your team to sync LinkedIn with HubSpot and make relationship management more seamless and efficient. While LinkedIn announced a full integration with HubSpot earlier in 2024, that native integration is only available for enterprise users, leaving many SMBs in the dust. But that’s where we’ve found a better solution – and one that we deploy with teams now!

Why use Hublead with HubSpot?

Hublead makes managing LinkedIn and HubSpot a breeze. The Hublead Chrome extension fills the gaps in HubSpot's system, especially for those without LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  


Just install the Chrome extension, and you can:

  • Sync LinkedIn connections, messages, and update contact info right in HubSpot
  • View relevant HubSpot CRM data about contacts right on LinkedIn
  • Avoid duplicate contacts
  • Add properties for better targeting and adding info to records
  • Easily track connection requests, messages, and activities, with everything showing up in HubSpot automatically
  • Use the “add to CRM” button that appears in LinkedIn to import contacts with one click as your browse
  • Use advanced reporting to see all your LinkedIn actions, create lists, and build dashboards, making your sales and marketing efforts smoother and more efficient without manual logging 


While integrating HubSpot with LinkedIn through Hublead transforms your LinkedIn lead generation and makes it easier to manage and engage with prospects directly within the HubSpot platform, you may be thinking:

How do I report on LinkedIn activity inside my HubSpot portal?

Excellent question. Let’s tackle that next.

Track your business development results in HubSpot

Setting up dashboards in HubSpot makes it simple to see how your LinkedIn outreach is going. With Hublead’s integration, you can easily pull in LinkedIn-specific data to track and report your activities. 

Add LinkedIn metrics like the number of messages sent, response rates, and how many connections turn into leads using Hublead's data integration.

With automations to pull this data rather than copying in manually, you’ve got more reliable, actionable data for your team. Keep an eye on your dashboard regularly to see what's working and what's not, then use these insights to tweak your strategy and improve your outreach.

How we do this with clients:

  • Set up Hublead + HubSpot
  • Train the team on the product, how it works, make sure HubSpot properties and appropriate fields are showing for prospecting consistency
  • Set up a process and flow for once a contact gets into HubSpot from the LinkedIn activity (whether this means enrolling in sequences, setting tasks, inviting to events, etc)
  • Create a dashboard to report on the activity
  • Coach and review the progress and success, iterate as needed 


Take the Next Step to Build Organization-Wide Adoption

Just like any tool, it’s best used when there’s a greater strategy, tactics and accountability from the team at large.

If you’d like to optimize your CRM for more effective lead nurturing, or set up a full soup to nuts LinkedIn + Hubspot campaign and dashboard for your company — book a call with Simple Strat today.

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