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Pinterest for B2B Marketing

Posted by Ali Schwanke on February 19, 2016
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Should I use Pinterest for B2B marketing?

This was the question at hand for the February IABC luncheon.

However, we think it's the wrong question. It's almost like asking....should I use the treadmill or the stair stepper at the gym?

Both will burn calories. Both can contribute to a weight loss goal. But without knowing what you want to achieve, the answer is not as straightforward.

Pinterest is widely known as a business to consumer platform.

Dominated by women, Pinterest burst onto the scene in 2010 and was set to take over the world. Well, that's what every new startup social network pitch says. It's true that they've gained a significant stronghold in the consumer products and food realm. However, leveraging this network outside of those two areas has many marketers scratching their heads, or abandoning the platform altogether.

We think there's more to it.

In the same way that you can use a peanut butter jar to hold your button collection, Pinterest has several applications that you can use to market your company. From corporate culture boards, video collections, and tour guides, to case study examples, customer testimonials, and client idea generation, Pinterest is a powerful tool that can marry into an effective content marketing plan.

The key is strategy.

Don't have a content or social media strategy? Let us know. We'd be happy to email you a template!

Video and slides:

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